4 Things To Do To Make Your Home Clean During A Rainy Season


The rains bring everything back to life and soothe emotions like no other season. On the flip side, the season brings about myriad complications. Greasy shoes, dirty puddles, wet umbrellas, damp walls, and dripping pipes become a pretty common sight. But that does not imply that it’s not crucial or possible to keep your home dry and spotless. Below are the four things to do to make your home clean during a rainy season.

Check The Roofs And Drainsbdhdvhv

A leaking roof can result in a lot of damage if left unchecked. It takes one crack for the water to seep into your house and destroy the ceiling, the furniture, the fittings and cause a ton of other problems that could otherwise be prevented. Many people’s approach to a leaking roof is mostly reactive. Ensure you have your roof well scrutinized before the rains start. Go over the roof, check for missing tiles and seal the cracks.

In the same breath, ensure all your gutters and other rain harvesting systems are working properly without blockage or leakage. The drains are a cause of much worry during the storms. Ensure you are checking and cleaning the drains in and around your home at least once per week since clogged drains can be a source of disgusting smell as well as a breeding ground for harmful insects.

Be Organized

Ensure that you are limiting the wet shoes at the doorway. By doing it, you will be able to contain the dirt and clean quickly. When cleaning, ensure that the wetness is not remaining on the floor as this can quickly destroy your carpet. Use a dry cloth to clean the furniture and wipe the floor after cleaning. Also, consider having a designated place for your kids and family to store their purses and bags. Ensure the place is easy to clean as possible.

Your Children And Pet

dfdfdcfMaintain your home clean during the season can be complicated by the presence of children and pets in your home. They are an essential part of our homes hence the need to find a way to deal with home care problem they present. Children learn by observing. Teach them to keep the house tidy. You can consider having a separate entrance for your pets away from the family door. A craw-in can do.

Use A Cleaning Agent

Using a cleaning agent for your floor will keep away mosquitos, cockroaches, and other harmful insects. Ensure the cleaning agent you are purchasing is suited for your floor and cleaning needs. Use a dry mop as often as you can to keep your living space dry. Make sure to clean your wet clothes often. Always hang them in sunlight or in areas with plenty of air circulation to dry.

4 Things To Do To Make Your Home Clean During A Rainy Season
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