Five Facts To Know About Boxelder Bugs

Box elder bugs are almost everywhere when the spring is about to set in. The specialty of the bugs is that they congregate when there is a Box elder tree. As such, read on to learn more about these bugs and proven ways of dealing with them.

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The best way to keep them at bay is to remove the female box elder tree from your area. The Boxelder is not a big worm.With half an inch long, and its width is about a quarter inch. They can fly miles if necessary, and it is very hard to speak after your sweet wills that they will spare your home too from the rapid invasion.

Effects of boxelder bugs

Boxelder bugs are not as dangerous as the flies or the mosquitoes. What they can damage is the eye causing a sore on it. The bugs are known for their bad activities like staining on the light colored surface of anything with their wastes.

When someone tries to combat a single beetle unarmed, it may stink so hard that you are sure to go all out in quest of the room freshener. Stinking is the only offense of these kinds of bugs. So if these Box elder bugs invade your garden or orchard, you are sure to pray to God for such unwanted annoyance.

The place to find boxelder bugs

The place after the choice of the bugs is the orchard. If you try hard to grow some fruits in your orchard the box elder bugs are there without your invitation and your fruits that you have nurtured with care to take the taste of the juiciness are devastated within a few days.

The favorite food of the Box Elders is the fruit whether it is apple, peach, berry, pear or almond. They suck the juice of the fruits in such a way that the fruits are sure to be deformed and rot. Then if you cherish any desire to sell the fruits in the market you are sure to be baffled.

wdgawrgt3w4ytw35sElimination of Boxelder bugs

If you are scared of the Boxelder attack, you have to find out a way to combat them. You have to fill in the gaps in your home from where the bugs enter. If you try to spray water admixed with some detergent, you may eliminate them from your surroundings.

You can use a hose pipe and forcefully wash them from the walls and the trunks of the trees. If you notice a female Boxelder tree in your area, first of all, fell that tree to be safe from the attack of the Boxelder bugs.

Five Facts To Know About Boxelder Bugs
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