Is it Safe To Have Aluminum Wires At Home


If you stay in a home that was built during the old days, then in all possibility, the electrical wiring in your home consists of aluminum wiring, and not copper wires that are found in modern buildings. Any professional electrician would be quick to point out that it was the rising cost of aluminum during this era that led to the replacement of electrical wiring material as it shown in is it safe to have aluminum wires at home below.

Reasons For Having Aluminum Wiring In Your Home Can Prove To Be Risky

According to research, homes with aluminum wiring have a 55% greater chance of suffering from electrical firegdvgvddg hazards as compared to homes with copper conductors. Though experts feel that the aluminum wires passing through your walls would not cause any harm, the problems lie with the connection points.

This is because aluminum is not as ductile as copper wire, and it contracts and expands more during cooling and heating. An experienced electrician in Atlanta will tell you that continuous contraction and expansion could lead to the loosening of fasteners and cause overheating of the connection point. Another problem with this type of wiring is that it oxidizes quickly, and that reduces its conductivity.

An aluminum wire becomes brittle easily and breaks down if you just bend the wire back and forth a few times. Therefore, if your home has aluminum wiring, it is better to call an experienced electrician to avoid electric shocks or fire hazards.

Signs That You Need To Replace Aluminum Wiring

fvjbntjbAs stated above, the aluminum electrical wiring is safe, barring the connection points; however, it may need to be superseded by an experienced Alpharetta electrician if the face plates are warm to the touch and if you observe flickering lights or notice a burning smell that could very well lead to a fire. Also, if you notice that any electrical equipment is not working properly, you should immediately call a licensed electrical professional to come and inspect your home wiring.

If your aluminum wiring is giving you trouble, then there are two solutions for the problem. First, you may be asked to replace the complete home wiring if you have the budget; secondly, you could use a copper connector between the existing aluminum wire and the electrical outlet or device. Both of the above tasks should only be handled by an experienced certified professional Marietta electrician.

Get your home wiring evaluated by an expert electrician and get the changes done based on his recommendations to make your home safe and secure.

Is it Safe To Have Aluminum Wires At Home
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