What is hard water and how it affects you

Most people may not know what hard water is, but they may have seen scales and residue also called limescale or soap scum form on their pots, pans, taps, showerheads and other metallic objects that the tap water touches. These residues can be difficult to remove, and it will effect soap because it does not lather well.

What is hard water?

It is when the water contains excessive amounts of minerals like magnesium and calcium. The quantities of theseaa01 minerals present will determine the hardness of the water and are calculated in milligrams per liter (mg/L). Hard water though not an issue to health can cause a lot of damage to your fittings, pipes, and utensils. One way of dealing with hard water is to use a water softener in your home.

What is a water softener

It is a device that when connected to the water supply of your house will remove the excess mineral content from the water so that it will not cause any adverse effects. They typically contain three main components which will include the controls valve, brine tank, and the mineral tank. When the valve is connected, the water will flow into the mineral tank which is designed to trap the excess calcium and magnesium ions. This happens in a procedure called ion exchange. You may be wondering What is ion-exchange? Well, it is a process where the resin in the mineral tank and hard water goes through chemical interaction.

How it works

Ion exchange is where positively charged magnesium or calcium ions are attracted to the negatively charged resin in the water softener tank.
When this happens, it will only be soft water that will flow into your house. You the brine tank in the unit is a way of cleaning the resin and then flushing all the impure hard water from the softener.

The cost

aa02These units are available in various sizes, and you should buy one that will have enough capacity to supply your house with soft water. Typically a person uses about 20 gallons of water a day and if you multiply that by the number of occupants in your house you can decide on a suitable unit. The price will, of course, depend on the size of the system.


Hard water is seen in many areas that have massive limestone and chalk deposits. If you live in such an area and have noticed signs of mineral buildups, use a water softener, and you will soon be free of your problem.

What is hard water and how it affects you
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